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An accessible guide to Rugby League!

An ‘Easy Read Guide To Rugby League’ is available to download after being specially created by 14 people with support needs, who are huge fans of the sport.

With support and guidance from the Rugby Football League (RFL) and Community Integrated Care, the fans have combined their lived experience of living with a disability and own knowledge of the sport, to create a guide that is accessible for all.

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Community Integrated Care volunteers supporting Rugby Super League Grand Final Old Trafford

The group of rugby league fanatics, many of whom also express their passion for rugby league by playing in the Community Integrated Care Learning Disability Super League, or watching their local teams, have worked closely with specialists at the charity to ensure the rules of the sport are presented in a way that is clear for people of all abilities.

With clear, short, and accessible statements supported by representative photography, this resource is designed to aid communication and understanding. Following feedback from the group, the aim was to reduce anxieties associated with lengthy, text-heavy documents, helping to empower the reader, reduce inequality and introduce more fans to the sport that they love.

Community Integrated Care volunteers supporting Rugby Super League Grand Final Old Trafford

The opportunity to create this resource was identified through Community Integrated Care’s award-winning Inclusive Volunteering Programme.

Working in partnership with major sports brands such as the Rugby League World Cup 2021 and Betfred Super League, this work is empowering people who have support needs to grow in confidence and explore their interests through personal development projects inspired by the sports, enabling a unique platform to share their skills.

Community Integrated Care volunteers supporting Rugby Super League Grand Final Old TraffordLewis Webster, Sports Inclusion Communications Manager at Community Integrated Care, said:

“This resource is an exceptional showcase of the talents of people who access care and support – the group have done an incredible job of creating something that will be valuable to so many people. The guide will not only empower the reader to enjoy the sport of rugby league, but equally will enable support workers, coaches, parents, and practitioners, to encourage more people to get involved in this special game.”

We’d like to thank our expert colleagues at Community Integrated Care for their guidance in producing this special resource, our partners at the Rugby Football League for championing inclusion and our wonderful inclusive volunteers for their dedication, skill, and efforts to supporting others with learning disabilities to enjoy the game of rugby league with this brilliant guide!”

Jeff Fisher, Community Integrated Care Inclusive Volunteer and contributor to the guide, said;

“I love rugby league! It’s very exciting to watch, whether it’s on TV or when you go in a stadium. I want more people to enjoy the game like me. I’m glad I can help others to understand the sport with this guide.”

Rhodri Jones, Rugby League’s Commercial Managing Director, said:

 “We are really impressed with this new guide that has been created in partnership with volunteers from Community Integrated Care. Rugby League is a sport for everyone, and this new resource makes it easier than ever to understand and enjoy the game.

“With five England internationals taking place this Autumn there has never been a better time for this guide to be released. My thanks again go to the wonderful volunteers who have made this possible.”

With thanks to the contributors to the ‘Easy Read Guide To Rugby League’:

  • Stuart Thompson
  • Jeff Fisher
  • Linda Critchley
  • Paul Ainsworth
  • Carl Hitchcock
  • Gillian Latta
  • Cheryl Shacklady
  • Helen Widdop
  • Nathan McKie
  • Oliver Thomason
  • Ian Rafferty
  • Mitch Woodham
  • Declan Jenkinson
  • Ben Gomersall

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