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Big Walk & Talk and We Dare Day!

In March, our organisation was due to celebrate our Charity Times ‘Charity of the Year’ success by holding Community Integrated Care’s first organisation-wide celebration day, We Dare Day. Whilst Coronavirus put these plans on pause, we have always been keen to re-arrange this important event as soon as we are able to.

We’re pleased to say it’s back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! Presenting… The Big Walk & Talk Week and We Dare Day 2020!

Walk – Our charity is a community and we have been together every step of the way in these past few months. To celebrate, from Monday 17th, we’ll be holding a week-long fundraising event where we’re asking everyone connected to our charity to walk the distance between our services – from our furthest north service in Thurso, Scottish Highlands, to our most southernly service in Dorset – a grand total of 1,092 kilometres! 

Talk – We’ll be reminding ourselves of the founding principles of our charity and the values of our people, by encouraging our teams to talk, and share their ideas on best practice around inclusion, equality, and diversity. Colleagues will be able to share there thoughts with us so that our charity can become as inclusive as possible for all.

Dare! – As a finale to what will be an incredible week, Friday 21st August will culminate in We Dare Day 2020, a celebration in all our services to thank our colleagues for their incredible commitment throughout Covid-19 and their contribution to our Charity of the Year success.

Support our charity – You can support our teams in their efforts by donating to our charity and help us fund some very special opportunities that we’re planning for the people we support nationally! You can make donations to our challenge by visiting our fundraising page here. 

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