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Personalisation for Young Adults – Laing Buisson Social Care Forum

Community Integrated Care was proud to be represented at Laing Buisson’s Social Care Forum on the Care of Younger Adults by Deputy CEO Cath Murray-Howard and Peer Reviewer Heidi Neville.

Laing Buisson’s ‘Social Care Forum – Care of Younger Adults’ provided delegates with the opportunity discuss and debate key issues and challenges faced by providers, commissioners, investors and policymakers. 

Cath and Heidi delivered an inspiring presentation to senior leaders and influential decision-makers throughout the sector, showcasing how support for young adults should always be planned and delivered in partnership with them and their families.

Their presentation, entitled ‘Design my support with me, not for me: Personalisation in practice’ explored the importance of care providers recognising what’s important to young people when planning and delivering their care and support.

Drawing upon her own experience as a Peer Reviewer, as well as her experience of receiving both personalised and traditional support, Heidi’s contribution made for a creative and thought-provoking presentation, which was praised on social media for its humour and for having a ‘real impact’.

Watch our exclusive video of Cath and Heidi’s presentation!


We also interviewed Cath and Heidi after their presentation…

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