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Just Go For It! A Career in Social Care

A group of very special Community Integrated Support Workers and Managers have come together to work on an exciting film promoting careers in social care – Just Go For It!

Just Go For It – which will be shown at all Community Integrated Care recruitment events to show our future colleagues how rewarding a career in social care can really be – provides the perspective of the people most in the know – our Support workers and Managers themselves!

In the film, the team address some of the most common misconceptions about becoming a Support Worker, which include being too old, too young, inexperienced or underqualified.

The overarching message of Just Go For It! is that the most important thing for Community Integrated Care when recruiting is bringing on board staff that have the right values, passion and commitment. The rest can be taught!

The video, which has already had over 1000 views on YouTube celebrates the incredible yet sometimes overlooked achievements and aspirations of our Support Workers. Our inspirational cast talk passionately about their roles and how incredibly rewarding and life-changing becoming a Support Worker is.


Kerry Tanfield, Community Integrated Care’s HR Director, says: “This inspiring video shows a career as a Support Worker to be just that – a career. It wonderfully depicts the broad range of people who a career in social care is suited to, as well as the values that make a wonderful Support Worker.”

“It also demonstrates something we most certainly already knew – we have absolutely wonderful people at Community Integrated Care, who are committed to recruiting like-minded staff to deliver the highest quality care and support.”

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