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Haydock Court given dementia-friendly revamp!

Haydock Court, an Eccleston-based care home that provides specialist support to people who live with dementia, yesterday celebrated a major refurbishment, which has introduced a more stimulating and dementia-friendly living environment for its residents.

Haydock Court delivers specialist support to 20 people who live with dementia. The celebration event was enjoyed by family, friends and supporters of the home.

Our charity has made a significant investment into improving its living spaces. This investment has introduced improved living facilities at the home and enhanced communal spaces.

Colleagues from the charity have also developed a number of stunning themed rooms that reflect the life-history of residents and will promote active lives. This has included areas such as a St Helen’s Rugby Club space, seaside and indoor gardens rooms, dressmaking facilities, and the introduction of local historical mementos that reflect the history of its resident’s lifetimes. This has created an inspiring, multi-sensory environment for residents to enjoy, helping to promote their wellbeing and mental stimulation.

These refurbishments were made possible thanks to Alex Service from Saints Heritage Society; Hannah Longford, Curator at St Helens World of Glass; Mike Hughes – Harbour Master at Fiddlers Ferry Yacht Haven; and Jeffrey Barber, from Phoenix Maintenance, who generously donated memorabilia and historical artefacts to the project.

Reflecting the historical theme of the refurbishment at the event, guests enjoyed a classic 1950’s themed afternoon tea celebration.

Sam Brennan, Regional Manager at Community Integrated Care, says: “We are thrilled to launch this significant refurbishment of Haydock Court. This home is now full of reminders of the things that have been important to our residents throughout their lifetime – the rugby team, their local community and hobbies they enjoyed. This new environment puts a smile on your face, inspires conversation and encourages activity, and we believe it will make a big difference to people we support. It was a real pleasure to unveil it to our guests. I’d like to thank all of the community groups in St Helens, who generously shared their ideas and resource to make this happen.”

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