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Gilmorton Flats featured on BBC Radio Leicester

Gilmorton Flats, one of Community Integrated Care’s services, has today been featured on BBC Radio Leicester. 

BBC Radio Leicester

Gillian Edwards, Service Leader at Community Integrated Care, spoke to BBC Presenter Ben Jackson on the lunchtime show earlier today (20th April). Gillian, who won the ‘Care Leadership’ accolade at the 2019 National Care Awards highlighted the incredible work of her team throughout the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The team at Gilmorton have been thinking outside the box to deliver a range of exciting activities for the people they support whilst staying at home. One of these activities including starring and filming in their very own Gilmorton Flats music video!

Presenter Ben Jackson was delighted to play a snippet of the Gilmorton team singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’, going on to ask why the team made the video, what it meant to them and how everyone is coping during the current fight against Coronavirus.

Gill said, “We chose ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson as the words are really powerful, it signifies everyone being unified at this point and pulling together in the current crisis.”

When speaking about current pandemic Gillian continued, “It makes me really appreciate Community Integrated Care, everything that the charity is doing for us, and all of my amazing team – everyone is thinking outside of the box and going the extra mile, no job is too small. I’m really, really proud of them all.”

You can listen in full to the BBC Radio Leicester piece here:

You can watch Gilmorton’s Flats music video here:

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