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Colleague supporting in the garden. North west - Avril Jones


Featuring on ITV Tonight

Colleagues from our charity, including our CEO Mark Adams, will feature on ITV’s Tonight programme, airing this evening (Thursday 18th November) at 7.30pm.

ITV Tonight social care

‘Social Care: The True Cost?’ will focus on the current challenges in the sector, providing an in-depth look into recruitment and retention and the planned reform for the sector, set to take place over the next two years.

Recent analysis shows that 8.2% of roles in the care sector are currently unfilled (Skills for Care, 2021), a figure that’s ever-increasing post-pandemic. Whilst last year alone, local authorities received almost 2 million new requests for adult social care support.

Covering everything from domiciliary care, supported living services for people with disabilities to long term old age residential care homes, the programme chronicles the plight of several care providers, charities and family carers as they navigate through this crisis.

As part of the programme, ITV visited one of our Supported Living services in Warrington, Springwood. At the service they met Community Integrated Care Support Worker, Gillian Whittle, and the people she supports, Alan and Jamie, who gave personal accounts of how the crisis is affecting their lives.

Mark Adams, our CEO, was also interviewed for the piece, speaking about the recruitment challenges facing the sector and competition to recruit candidates in the UK job market.

Mark Adams, CEO says:

“We’re pleased that the ITV team visited Alan and Jason and their support worker Gill, where we talked about social care, the recent government changes and what needs to happen in terms of social care reform. If you get the chance to watch the programme tonight I think you’ll find it interesting and it’s always great to see some of the Community Integrated Care team on camera, doing what they do so well”

You can tune into the programme tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1 or catch up on ITV Hub. And find more information on tonight’s programme here

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