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Welcome Department of Health Social Care Policy Director

National social care charity, Community Integrated Care, was delighted to welcome Shaun Gallagher, Director of Social Care Policy at the Department of Health, for a round-table discussion about the key issues affecting large social care organisations and the people they support.   

Shaun met with Community Integrated Care Director of Quality and Standards, Sue McLean, as well as a variety of staff from all levels of the organisation, to discuss these and many other topical issues, from both a policy and provider point of view.

Over the course of the day, discussions ranged from the impact of the Government’s Localism Act and the Personalisation Agenda, to more operational issues such as the importance of upholding quality standards and maintaining excellence in the face of restrictions in funding.

Sue McLean said of the visit: “We were delighted to welcome Shaun into our organisation and enjoy such a lively and thought-provoking meeting with him.”

“Shaun had a genuine commitment to working closely with the people at the grass-roots level of the care industry, to develop innovative ideas and approaches, to meet and overcome the challenges currently faced by the sector.”

“We were pleased with how engaged Shaun was with our thoughts and suggestions, particularly as we demonstrated Community Integrated Care’s approach of developing local networks and partnerships, to creatively deliver support which is tailored and life-enhancing.”

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