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Community Integrated Care signs up to Driving Up Quality

Community Integrated Care has signed up to a national code of conduct that challenges providers to improve service quality and delivery in learning disability services.

Written in response to the abuse at Winterbourne View, Driving Up Quality Code was created by the Driving Up Quality Alliance, made up of national member organisations that collectively represent 80% of all learning disability service providers in the country.

On January 1st, Community Integrated Care published its first report on how the organisation has worked to meet the standards outlined in the code, in line with its organisational strategic objective to create a culture of continuous improvement of our quality.

The Code was launched in September 2013 at the House of Commons and is endorsed by the Minister of State for Care and Support, Norman Lamb the Department of Health and the Care Quality Commission.

It aims to achieve the following:

  • Drive up quality in services for people with learning disabilities that goes beyond minimum standards.
  • Create and build a passion in the learning disability sector to provide high quality, values-led services
  • Provide a clear message to the sector and the wider population about what is and what is not acceptable practice
  • Promote a culture of openness and honesty in organisations
  • Promote the celebration and sharing of the good work that is already out there.

Download our January 2015 report to find out what we’ve been doing as part of our commitment to Driving Up Quality by reading our Report!

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