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Community Integrated Care celebrates Dignity Action Day

Community Integrated Care held a series of events across the country on February 1st to mark Dignity Action Day.

Dignity Action Day is a national initiative led by the Dignity in Care Campaign, which aims to create a national culture of respect and safeguarding for people with care needs.

To celebrate this important day, Community Integrated Care encouraged its staff and the people it supports to devise their own dignity themed events. Events ranged from performances of a series short plays about caring with respect, written by people supported by Community Integrated Care in the North East, through to community coffee mornings, which saw the charity invite members of the public to their regional offices to discuss what dignity means to them.

Caroline Bairstow, Community Integrated Care Assistant Director, says: “Being treated with dignity is a right that all of us deserve, yet too often people with care and support needs are not afforded the respect they deserve. At Community Integrated Care, we believe that we should live in an inclusive society where everyone is valued and because of this, we wholeheartedly support the aims of the Dignity in Care Campaign.”

She adds: “The events we held were led by the people we support and saw them show our guests how by being supported with respect they have been enabled to live fuller happier lives, filled with personal achievements. I am very proud of everyone who took part – they made a real statement for inclusion and helped to raise awareness of such an important campaign.”

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