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Community Integrated Care backs Dignity in Care report

Community Integrated Care is pleased to give its backing to the findings of the Report for Consultation – ‘Delivering Dignity’ – produced by the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care (CIDC).

The CIDC was formed by the NHS Confederation, Age UK and the Local Government Association, with the aim of identifying ways to improve dignity in care for older people in hospitals and care homes. Their members include representatives of patients and residents, experts from the world of nursing and medicine, and management of health and social care services.

The CIDC’s ‘Delivering Dignity’ draft report proposes ten key recommendations for both hospitals and care homes to help them tackle the underlying causes of undignified care, as well giving detailed recommendations on the changes that the Commission believes need to take place across the wider health and social care system.

Recommendations for care homes range from advancements in staff training, development and retention; an improved focus on residents receive fulfilling and appropriate support; and encouraging greater community involvement in care home services. It also suggests that the Government should establish a Care Quality Forum to look at all aspects of standards delivered in care homes, and that there should be a clear ratings scheme for homes, based upon nationally agreed standards and benchmarks.

Sue McLean, Community Integrated Care’s Director of Quality and Standards, welcomed the report saying: “‘Delivering Dignity’ highlights the key fundamentals that every provider should be meeting to deliver care that is dignified and enabling for their residents. From developing a caring and well trained workforce, to supporting people living in care homes to have real choice and direction over their lives; providing an environment appropriate to the needs of residents, to ensuring that people are given dignity until the end of their lives; the report provides a vital set of aims and objectives for all care providers.”

Sue adds, “At Community Integrated Care, we are proud of our progressive approach to delivering support in care homes and already uphold and aim to further the key objectives of the report. We believe that if the aspirations of this report are fully implemented, we will see a better care system which affords older people, care that is more dignified and fulfilling.”

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