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CEO statement on White Paper reforms

Mark Adams, CEO of Community Integrated Care, one of the UK’s largest social care charities, says:

“The White Paper reforms fail to fulfil the Government’s election promise of ‘fixing the crisis in social care once and for all’.

Whilst they offer some progress, they fall short of the transformative vision and investment that is needed to offer people the high-quality support that they need and relieve the sector’s unprecedented workforce pressures.

Investments in key areas such as technology, housing options and workforce development are welcome, but unfortunately shallow. In a sector that loses 35% of its workforce every year and at least 400,000 people are currently waiting for vital care and support, much bolder action is needed.

We are concerned that these proposals will offer limited new investment in the delivery of care and support, and the assistance to unpaid family carers. The social care workforce needs fair pay, not just greater training and development Our Unfair to Care research shows that frontline support workers would be paid £7000 more in equivalent roles in the public sector. Without greater investment in sustainable services and fair pay, the Government is failing to grapple with the fundamental issues at the heart of the crisis.

We hope that these reforms represent the start of a journey not the end of it. We are calling upon the Government to continue to progress this vision and to provide the support that is needed in the here and now, as we prepare for what might be one of the most difficult winters on record.”

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