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CEO, Jim Kane, responds to 2024 General Election

The General Election has been announced and will be taking place on Thursday 4th July 2024. Jim Kane, Chief Executive Officer at Community Integrated Care, commented:

“As we head into the next six weeks of campaigning, we call on political parties of all colours to make a commitment to improve social care for those that need it, starting with fair pay for those who provide it.

Fixing the issues in our sector provides huge opportunity; delivering better lives for people who deliver and draw on care, enabling cost-effective and sustainable care & health services and unlocking economic growth and productivity. As our 2024 Unfair To Care report demonstrates, fair pay is not a cost, but an investment that will bring real returns across the country.

The public, social care workers, people who draw on social care, care providers and our communities are united in the view that all political parties must act. The message is clear: who cares wins.”

Community Integrated Care calls on the next Government to:

  • IMMEDIATELY: Provide an immediate and fair pay rise to all frontline social care workers.
  • WITHIN 12 MONTHS OF THE 2024 GENERAL ELECTION: Deliver a fair pay deal supported by national funding.
  • WITHIN THE LIFETIME OF THE NEXT PARLIAMENT: Create a new national workforce plan to make social care a viable, respected and sustainable career.

You can read more about our asks in our 2024 ‘Who Cares Wins’ – Unfair To Care report here.

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