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Celebrating MRWA grant this Recycling Week!

To celebrate Recycling week, Community Integrated Care is proud to announce that we’ll once again take on an exciting project with Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) to prevent tonnes of food and clothing waste ending up in landfill, educating communities across the North West and providing life changing roles for the people we support who are passionate about sustainability.

In 2019, our charity was proud to secure a MRWA grant to create the first ever dedicated recycling delivery, training and mentoring service within the social care sector. This award-winning project achieved incredible results by diverting tonnes from landfill, training hundreds of people, creating the first ever accessible recycling guide, offering paid employment and supported volunteering for the people we support and championing sustainable living across the charity.

This year we are building on our triumphs in sustainable living, with an even bigger focus on awareness, education and community engagement. We’re excited to again provide paid jobs and volunteering opportunities for the people we support and incorporate our partnerships across the country, such as the Rugby League World Cup 2021 and the Rugby Football League.

John Hughes, Director of Communities and Partnerships says:
“We are thrilled to be working with MWRA again to champion sustainability in the care sector. This exciting project is providing the life-changing opportunity of paid employment for two people we support, Oliver and a John Paul, who will lead new campaigns and resources that promote recycling and sustainable living.

“He continued, “They are creating the first ever accessible toolkit on avoiding food waste, delivering online workshops, and leading presentations and educational sessions within our charity and our communities. With hundreds of people supported by our charity, over 1,500 colleagues and many community and sporting groups we work with, we will reach thousands of people and make a real difference.”

Tony Concepcion, Councillor and Chairperson of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, says:

“The Community Integrated Care application really impressed in our assessment as it covered a range of key waste materials – including food, textiles, plastics and furniture – and aspires to a sustainable, zero waste way of life. There are also several elements to how the project will be delivered such as Waste Prevention specialists, Eco Champions, educational guides and toolkits which means it should reach a wide audience. We’re really looking forward to seeing it advance and wish them all the best!”

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