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“Thank you” – Mark Adams

Speaking on the 72nd anniversary of the NHS, Mark Adams, CEO of Community Integrated Care, says:

“It’s wonderful that the British public will once again be taking to their doorsteps to clap for NHS workers this weekend. But we must ensure that all carers, including those in the social care sector, are recognised and rewarded for their efforts in recent months – particularly by central government.

Despite standing right alongside NHS and other health care workers at the coalface of the COVID crisis, social care workers earn among the lowest salaries in society and are without the safety net of sickness pay. This should be a matter of national shame and can only be resolved with fair funding for social care.

It’s time the government recognises this and commits to supporting the sector.

When we clap for carers, it is applause for every person that has risked their health or made a personal sacrifice to help someone else during this unprecedented crisis. Social care workers do this every day.

Rightly, we are celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the NHS – but the social care sector is also celebrating its 72nd year too. The impact of our work has never been more visible and important to the nation than in this moment and it’s time for us to reward, recognise and celebrate both sides of our health and care system equally.

So to all social care workers, on behalf of Community Integrated Care, I’d like to say thank you.”

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