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Let Your Dreams Take Flight!

We’re inviting you to get active, have fun and explore the greatest dreams of the people we support.

How to create a dream day and discover together…

1. Find somewhere special: Where would the people you support love to visit? Talk to the person you support about their interests to uncover fun and meaningful places to explore.

2. Plan a great day: What can we do to make the most of the experience? Why not connect with local services and see if there is anyone who can join you? You could explore what events are happening in your local community too! And don’t forget to invite family and friends along for the ride!

3. Let dreams take flight: Use the time planning the experience to talk to the people you support about their goals and dreams. Empower them to think beyond the ordinary – what experiences or opportunities would really support them to live the Best Lives Possible?

4. Share and support: Complete the simple form below and tell us all about the dreams and goals you explored. We’ll use these to understand what is important to the people we support, to help inspire amazing new partnerships and programmes for our charity! And don’t forget to think about the long-term dreams and aspirations of the people you support and how you can make them a reality by ensuring these are also recorded in people’s care and support plans. Together, we can make steps to even the biggest dreams.

We want to see what you’re up to, share photos of the fun that you have together on Viva Engage using #LetYourDreamsTakeFlight

Our Dream Catcher

Use this simple form to tell us about the dreams that you explored…
Would you be interested in your service being part of a walking for wellbeing or sensory walks programme in your local community – visiting special places and having great days out together?(Required)