BBC Manchester interviews CIC dementia specialist

A Specialist Dementia Nurse working for Community Integrated Care’s pioneering dementia care service ‘EachStep Blackley’ has been featured on BBC Radio Manchester, as part of a special programme about dementia.

EachStep’s Deputy Manager, Phil Benson, offered expert advice on the show, which covered many of the issues that people with dementia and their families and carers face.

Phil shared his insights and experience on a range of topics, including how an early dementia diagnosis can be handled, how different forms of dementia can have varying effects and the organisations people facing a dementia diagnosis can contact to find help and information.

Speaking to presenter Michelle Daniel, Phil explained that good dementia care relies on carers  “knowing what’s important to a person, and what is near and dear to them”, a fundamental principle that is at the heart of EachStep and all of CIC’s dementia care services.

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